Below is a list of equipment owned by Pershore U3A and the current holders

Projector Stand                                                                       Mike Ainley 01386 244325

Projector for use with laptop                                                  Dave Barrows 

4' screen                                                                                 Dave Barrows 

Datacolour Spyder Pro                                                           Geoff Power  

Laptop PC for slide show displays                                          Mike Ainley 01386 244325

4' and 5' screens                                                                     Mike Ainley 01386 244325

Laser Printer                                                                           Jill Wilson

Flip Chart and marker pens                                                     Mike Ainley 

Gazebo for promotional events (e.g. Plum Fayre)                  Lynn Glaze 

4 small card playing tables  (kept in Stoulton Village Hall)       Sue Lavery (MahJong) 

Philosophy course (Set of 24 DVDs)                                       Glen Powell 

Books, DVDs and other small items for specific groups          Barbara Bristow