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Groups Timetable





Art Appreciation 4th 10am-12n
Cooking for fun 3rd 10.30am
Italian Beginners  1st+3rd 10.30
Knit & Natter 3 2nd  10-12noon
Knit & Natter 4 4th 10-12noon
Playreading 2 2nd 10am
Pop Music Players 1st and 3rd  10am
Spanish Advanced 1 (alternate) 10am
Strollers  1st  10.30am


Knit and Natter 2nd or *3rd 2.00pm

Literary Ladies 2nd  2.00pm
Literary 2 3rd  2.00pm

Local History  1st  2.00pm

Playreading 1 (alternate) 2.00pm

Poetry Appreciation 1st  2.00pm

Psychology 1 4th  2.00pm
Psychology 2 3rd 2.00pm
Ukulele 2nd & 4th   2.00pm
Whist 4th 2pm
Wine Appreciation 1 3rd evening 7.30pm


Bell Ringing (Beginners) 10.15am
Film Appreciation 2  4th  10.30am
French Lower1+2 2nd & 4th 10.00am
French Upper 2  1st&3rd  10.30am

Medieval Churches (every 4th)

Science&Technology  (alt) 10am

Tea with Plato and Me 4th 10.30am

Walkies 1st 10am

Yoga all except monthly meeting day


Discussion 4th 2.00pm

French Conversation Mixed 2nd&4th 2pm

Line Dancing  2nd& 4th 2pm

Literature group 3 2nd  2-4pm

Music Appreciation 2nd  2.30pm


Computer Confidence  1st&3rd 11am
Craft  2nd & 4th  10.00am
Etymology 2nd  10am
Film Appreciation 1   2nd  10.30am
Music Technology  3rd 10am-12

Photography for Pleasure 4th10.30am

Strollers  3rd  10.30am

Table Tennis  12noon

Badminton 1  2.00pm
Card Games 2nd  2pm
Crochet  2nd&4th  2-4pm
Croquet  2pm
Family History 1st 2.00pm
French Upper 1 2nd&4th  2.30pm
Meditation 2  2nd & 4th  2pm

Pershore U3A singers (alternate) 2.00pm

Spanish Advanced 2 (alternate) 3.30pm

The Curry Club  3rd evening

Whist 2nd   2pm


Bow + Blow (every) 10.00am
Handbell Ringing 1   10.15am 
Pop Singers (1960s) 1st & 3rd 10am
Gardening 2nd (times vary)
Mah Jong 1st  2.30pm
Meditation 1  2nd & 4th  2.30pm
Pamper Time 2nd 2pm
Philosophy  2nd 2pm
Photography   3rd  2.00pm


Art (alternate) 10.00am

Pershore Scribblers (4 weekly)10.30

Recorder group 1st & 3rd 10am-12

Spanish Intermediate 2nd&4th  10.30

Tangle Drawing alt weeks 10am

Walking (alternate) 9.45am

Skittles 1st & 3rd  2.00pm