Knit & Natter

Knit & Natter 1 - Group Leader: Sandra Long 

Meets: Second Monday in the month, 2.00pm

Usual Meeting Location: Various in members' homes

Knit & Natter 2 - Group Leader:   Sue Thomas   

Meets: Third Monday in the month, 2.00pm

Usual Meeting Location: Various members' homes


Pamper Time

Group Leader:  Wendy Collier 

Meets:        Second Thursday of the month 2.00-4.30pm

Usual Meeting Location: Member's home Drakes Broughton



Group Leaders:           

Group 1 (morning coffee) Anne Heath    Jill Wilson   Meets:         Second Friday of the month  10am   Usual Meeting Location:  Pershore Leisure Centre for a ride usually between 8 to 14 miles

Group 2 (pub)  Mike Ainley                          Meets:                        Fourth Friday of the month               Usual Meeting Location:  Various on location for a ride usually between 20 to 30 miles

Sunday Lunch Club 

Group  Leader:     Maureen Finlay 

Meets: Fourth Sunday of month 12.15

Usual Meeting Location: Various - on location


The Curry Club

Group Leader: Roger Jones

Meets; 3rd Wednesday evening

Usual Meeting location:  Various restaurants


Wine Appreciation  (2 groups)

Group Leader:  Marion Hughes 

Meets:   Group 1: Third Monday of the month  7.30pm

              Group 2: First Wednesday of the month 7:30pm

Usual Meeting Location:  Members` home