Bird Watching

Group Leader: Paul Jenkins

  Phone 01386 561426    email

  Meets:  Second Thursday of the month Sep - June

  Usual Meeting Location: On location


Computer Confidence
Group Leader:  Mary Greer

         Phone 01386 553702   email:

Meets   1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month 11am

Usual Meeting Place: Thomson + Bancks Solicitors High Street Pershore


Cooking for Fun

Group Leader: Carmela Bray
                        Phone: 01386 550352      email:

Meets: 3rd Monday of the month 10,30-12.30pm
Usual meeting Place: Members' home



Group Leader: Melanie Watts

    Phone 01386 554707             Email    

Meets: 10am Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month

Usual Meeting Location: Various members' houses

 Some members of the group with their work



Group Leader: Kath Morris

  Phone 01386 553661

Meets: 2pm fourth Tuesday in the month

Usual Meeting Location:  Members' home



Group Leader: Dianne Deacon

  Phone: 01386 554804    email

Meets: Alternate Thursdays 10-12am

Usual Meeting Location: 15 Maple Avenue Pershore


Our group on a visit to Westonbury Mill Water Gardens at Pembridge in Herefordshire in June 2010

Group Leader: Sue Dryden

Phone: 01905 840763    email

Meets: Second Thursday in the month, timing varies

Usual Meeting Location: Various - mainly on location

Gardening Knowhow

Group Leader: Gillian Jeynes
             Phone: 01386 710716  email
Meets: Second Monday in the month at 1.30pm

Usual Meeting Location: Various Members' homes


Meditation (2 groups)

Group Leader:   Group 1: Heather Greenhalgh           Phone: 01386 553180               email:
                            Group 2: Evie Wright                         Phone: 01386 556280               email:
Meets: Group1:  2nd and  4th Thursdays of the month at 2.30pm
            Group 2:  2nd and 4th Wenesdays of the month 2pm
Usual Meeting Location: Group 1:  Various - members' homes
                                           Group 2: Various - members' homes



Group Leader: Glen Powell

            Phone: 01386 550551                    email

Meets: 2nd Thursday of the month  2-4pm

Usual Meeting Place: The White Horse Hotel Pershore


Psychology: What Makes Us Tick?  (2 groups)

Group Leader: Judith Bayliss (both groups)

Phone:  01386 552619

Group 1  Meets: Fourth Monday in the month  2-4pm

Group 2  Meets: Third Monday in the month 2-4pm

Usual Meeting Location: Various in members' homes


Science & Technology

The group undertaking a science experiment.

Group Leader : David Barrows

Phone: 01386 561183

Meets:   Alternate Tuesdays, 10.00am

Usual Meeting Location: Conningsby Drive, Pershore

Spiritual Philosophy

Group Leader: Glen Powell      Phone: 01386 550551    email:

Meets:  4th Thursday of the month
Usual Meeting Location:   The White Horse Hotel Pershore


Technology Appreciation

Group Leader: Chris O'Loughlin

Phone:  01386 554571

Meets: tba

Usual Meeting Location: St Andrews Hall (opposite Pershore Abbey)

Some members on a recent trip to RAF Cosford  

Tea with Plato and Me

Group Leader: Rosemary Rowe             tel 01386 561964

Meets:  4th Tuesday 10.30am

Usual Meeting Place:  Great Calcroft Pershore