Latest News & Miscellaneous items

Changes in Monthly Speakers' Programme

Due to unforeseen circumstances the original speaker for March's monthly meeting is unable to come. Fortunately Jill has managed to do a 3 way swap so the speakers will now be

March - Tuesday 19 March 2019

You have got to have guts! by Dr Graham Cope

(A return visit for Graham following his talk about antibiotics in February 2018)

Around 40% of people have at least one digestive problem. This talk describes the causes of a range of diseases that affect the guts and how treatment works. The talk will explain new findings about how the gut functions and how diets and fast foods can be dangerous and cause problems with sleep patterns, mood and energy levels and may hold the key to a range of other diseases such as Parkinson’s

June - Tuesday 18 June 2019

’Through the garden gate’ by Adrian James

Adrian is a regular & popular speaker to groups & societies throughout Worcestershire and the surrounding counties. He is based in Offenham and is a keen gardener, opening his

garden to the public on selected days. Through the garden gate features four gardens built around extraordinary and defining features; the Abbey Garden at Malmesbury in Wiltshire, Longstock Park Water Garden nearnStockbridge in Hampshire, Kilver Court at Shepton Mallett in Somerset and the Eden Project near St Austell in Cornwall.

October - Tuesday 15 October 2019

‘We can’t let you broadcast that!’ by David Clark

A light-hearted look at tracks banned by the BBC since their charter in 1927. David discusses some of the inexplicable and bizarre decisions as well as the motivation behind banning the tracks. This is a 45/50 minute presentation including the playing of 4 of the relevant tracks.

See our monthly meetings page for a full programme until June 2020  !!

Committee Changes

At the AGM on November 20th  we said goodbye to Lynn Glaze and Barbara Bristow after many years of invaluable service from both of them.

As for the new committee Jill Wilson was elected as our new chairman. Mike Ainley takes on the role as treasurer and membership secretary. Sue Lavery stays on as Groups Co-Ordinator and Mary Greer becomes our Business Secretary. Other new members of the committee include Sue Hindley (New Members Contact),  Glen Powell (Publicity) and Sandra Chapman (Newsletter Editor). We wish them all the best in their roles.

Data Protection Law Change
As you probably know the law on data protection changed on May 25th 2018. To incorporate the changes the committee have produced 3 documents - Data Protection Policy, Privacy Policy and a Legal Interest Assessment. These documents can be found on our Downloads page in the first section.