Monthly Meetings

Pershore and District U3A 

From December 2017 onwards the venue changes to

 Number 8 High St, Pershore at 14.00


Monthly meeting speakers at Number 8, High St, Pershore at 2pm


Tuesday 17 July 2018

'Graphology - The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting'  by Sandra Grayson

Just as psycho-analysis and body language can reveal how we feel or think, handwriting can also get to the heart of a person's character.   With never-ending revelations still being uncovered within this obscure field of study, handwriting analysis exposes surprising, even shocking characteristics about people you thought you knew and can open a whole new vista from which there is more to see than you could have ever imagined!  

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Place Names by Anthony Poulton Smith, a freelance journalist and author from Tamworth.

Anthony has had 65 books, and many articles, innumerable crosswords and puzzles, published whilst also compiling and marketing quizzes. He is the author of a series of books about place names

His talk includes a question and answer session for the audience and means that we will get the answers to the questions which intrigue us. Anthony is renowned for his rather quirky sense of humour! 

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Singing for Pleasure by Carole and Malcolm Brown (Mezzo Soprano and Bass)

As trained singers Carole and Malcolm have been privileged to perform for a wide variety of audiences.  Their repertoire includes many musical genres from Mozart to Andrew Lloyd Webber, encompassing musicals, comedy pieces, light opera, classical jazz and sacred songs.

In Pershore they will perform 'Songs from the Shows'   including some comedic songs and also some from lesser known shows. Their finale will involve songs from Les Miserables.

Their accompanist, Martin Dack, is a highly reputed professional musician.  

Tuesday 16 October 2018

(Mr)Fran Sandham (adventurer and previous editor of the Rough Guide)

Return visit of our popular speaker from August 2017

“DR LIVINGSTONE, I PRESUME?” - The remarkable human-interest story behind the famous meeting in Africa in 1871 between the two explorers Dr David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley; how their meeting proved to be literally the newspaper scoop of the century; the curious surrogate father-son relationship between Stanley and Livingstone, the widespread controversy, hostility and ridicule Stanley faced on his return to Europe after finding Livingstone; why the meeting was such a sensational news story, and why Stanley's words became the most famous greeting in history.  

Tuesday 20 November 2018

‘Barrow to Baghdad and Back….’ Philip Caine (author and public speaker)

His interesting and humorous talk covers a varied career and ends with the writing of his first novel.

·        Chef and manager in the hotel industry (10 yrs ).

·        North Sea oil rigs(15 yrs ).

·        The Algerian oil business (1 yr )

·        The Nigerian oil business (1 yr )

·        Kazakhstan and Russia (7 yrs )

·        Working for the American Military in Baghdad (7yrs)

·        Running companies in Dubai and Iraq (4 yrs)

·        Factitious adventure / thriller novels (4) all inspired by his ten years in the Middle East.