Monthly Meetings

Pershore and District U3A 

 The monthly meeting normally takes place in the auditorium at Number 8, High St, Pershore at 2pm on the third Tuesday of every month.

After a few minutes of U3A announcements, we welcome a speaker to entertain and enlighten us for about 45-55 minutes. There is no charge for attending monthly meetings which are followed by tea and biscuits and a chance to chat to other members.



Hopefully the following meetings will take place. Check before setting off though!

 Tuesday 21 July 2020

Herbert Austin and the Longbridge Story" by Max Hunt

Austin's rise from obscurity in rural Buckinghamshire through several years in Australia before settling in the north of our own county with good personal and social history content.

The return of the excellent speaker Max Hunt who most recently entertained us in February 2019 on the subject of Shelsley Walsh. Max is a historian and a retired history teacher.

 Tuesday 11 August 2020 (a week earlier than normal)

‘The Past, Present and Future of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway'

by Richard Summers

 Tuesday 15 Sept 2020

‘Friends against scams’ by Andrew Beecroft, a Community Banker from the NatWest Bank

This talk is a National Trading Standards initiative. The content of the talk is based around the main scam methods employed by criminals. These are telephone, postal, doorstep and on-line.

Andrew provides examples of each method and aims to heighten awareness around identifying and avoiding scams.

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Inflammation – a right pain in the neck by Dr Graham Cope

A third visit from Graham following his successful talks about antibiotics and about the gut.

Many of the diseases of the body, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, joint problems and chronic pain are a consequence or a malfunction of the immune system. What is inflammation, basically how does the immune system work, and what happens when it goes wrong? How do anti-inflammatory painkillers work, and what can you do and eat to help reduce inflammation? 

 Tuesday 17 November 2020

Lundy: Island without equal’ a short talk  by Adrian James

A second visit for Adrian from Offenham who entertained us royally in June 2019 on the subject of British gardens based around unusual features. 

 Tuesday 15    December 2020

Mistletoe Miscellany

By Jonathan Briggs, an ecologist and national mistletoe expert

Mistletoe is extraordinary - a plant with unusual biology, peculiar winter customs dating from prehistory, a strange visual symmetry, ancient and modern medicinal usage, value (and nuisance value!) in agriculture and horticulture, links to traditional orchards, and important roles in wildlife conservation and biodiversity. Jonathan’s talk will cover all this and more including, of course, Christmas traditions.

 Tuesday   19 January 2021

‘Sentenced to Beyond the Seas’ by David Clark, a well known and highly regarded local speaker who last visited us in October 2019 when he spoke about the BBC banning records from the radio airwaves.

The true and fascinating tale of 8 Worcestershire female convicts sentenced to death or transportation in the 1780's to the 'Land Beyond the Seas'. That land was to become Australia and those women the foundation of a new nation. One of the would be the progenitor of the largest living family group in Australia today. Another would return to England a rich woman. 

Tuesday 16 February 2021

‘Inside the Crown Court’ by Marguerite Collins

Marguerite worked at the Crown Court for sixteen years. She will cover Worcester Shire Hall and the role of the people who work within the Court. She will include some of the cases and trials she worked on and select a typical trial to show the circumstances of the crime, evidence police gathered and how the trial unfolded.  She only talks about matters discussed in open court.

Tuesday 16 March 2021

‘Nothing like a good conspiracy theory’ by Mike Watkins

We all like a good conspiracy theory. Paranoia, secrecy, intrigue and even lunacy; some have got it all. A light hearted look at some of the strangest and weirdest theories and a few of the almost believable ones. It goes on and on and is the truth out there? All may be revealed or it might not.. you can judge!