Showcase is currently published four times per year. The aim is to showcase all the interest groups, its members talents and enthusiasm. Each edition features several groups by providing interesting and informative articles about those groups. These articles are about what makes the groups tick, what the members get out of it and why they enjoy its activities. This is all to encourage you to join more groups, or if the group you desperately want to join doesn't exist, to encourage you to start it.

Showcase is primarily an e-publication that is emailed to all members. Members without an email receive a hardcopy by post. Copies can be down loaded from the Download page. If you change your email address, or if you obtain one for the first time please inform the membership secretary with your new details.

Contributions from Group Leaders and members are always welcome. If you have a need to publicise your group there are several avenues open to you. The E-News is sent to all email enabled members monthly. Some Group leaders will announce e-news contents at the group meeting. The Monthly Meeting provides an opportunity to make announcements to those attending. Both are excellent methods to communicate if there is a time limit on the information presented. Showcase, on the other hand is guaranteed to reach all members, but as it is only published quarterly it is not the best way to communicate with members about time sensitive information.

Showcase is not just about Interest Groups, articles also feature information about the Third Age Trust, the West Midlands region and the Cotswold Link. Pershore was privileged to have an article/ address from Barbara Lewis, the Third Age Trust Chairman included in the First Edition.

To help get the most from your U3A membership, Showcase highlights Interest groups from the Cotswold link that might be of interest. As a member of the Cotswold Link, Pershore U3A members can join one Interest Group from another U3A. With nearly forty U3As in the Cotswold link you need never be short of something to do!

Showcase also highlights the Wish List. This is your opportunity to suggest a new Interest Group or if the Interest Group you would like to join is full to suggest starting a second group. More Information about the Wish list can be found on the Interest Group Page.

If you would like to contribute to Showcase please send me copy electronically in MS Word format or rtf (rich text format), my contact details are below. If you are writing about your group, a photograph of your members will add a lot of personal interest. If you need help please contact me. I am very pleased to receive any content, so the output from your group that you would like to share is suitable. Showcase has published short stories, travel reviews, paintings and photographs from various groups including knitting patterns from the Knit and Natter group. The magazine cannot exist without your input, so please bombard me with the details of the amazing things you and your group get up to.

Contact Details Showcase Editor Mike Ainley Tel.         01386 244 325 email.